‘Adventure Time Game Wizard’ Brings ‘Pixel Press Floors’ to the Candy Kingdom

An interesting new game based on the Adventure Time license has just released today on the App Store. Adventure Time Game Wizard [$4.99] is a licensed take and expansion on Pixel Press Floors [Free], a game which allowed you to Read more ›

Cartoon Network Shows Off New ‘Adventure Time’ and ‘Steven Universe’ Games at PAX

Cartoon Network was demoing games at PAX Prime this past weekend, and there’s a pair of particularly intriguing titles from interesting developers that are coming to iOS in the future. Adventure Time Game Wizard is a game-creation tool that’s being Read more ›

‘Chesslike’ Marries Dungeon Crawling with Chess Pieces, Coming to iOS and Android this Month

Everybody loves dungeon crawlers, but it’s the type of genre that’s so old that sometimes it needs some spicing up. We’ve seen all sorts of different takes on the dungeon crawler over the years, but there’s one genre mashup that Read more ›